David Stewart has highlighted Pedestrians and cyclists need protecting

Highlands & Islands Regional MSP and road safety campaigner, David Stewart has highlighted Pedestrians and cyclists need protecting by better markings and signage.
David Stewart said “ For every person walking along minding their own business, there is also likely to be a cyclists not far off. This situation has irritated and annoyed many walkers who write into me to complain. The issue has also exasperated some cyclists who have been verbally abused by pedestrians. However, the issue is not straight forward. It is not as simple as cyclists on the road and walkers on the pavement.
Many of these footways are shared space and there are only signs intermittedly and markings at junctions. There is a distinct lack of circular blue and white signs containing cycle and pedestrian symbols and a similar lack of white markings on the pavement. The outcome, as most of us know is that cyclist feel intimidated legally cycling on some footways and pedestrians feel angered that cyclists are cycling on what they perceive is a pavement.
So what is the answer. Well in my opinion we need far more blue and white signs and far more route marking, even a dividing line between pedestrians and walkers. However, we could go a step further and consider painting all shared cycle routes on shared footways in urban areas a uniform colour across Scotland. Surely this would make the situation better and reduce those incidents of collisions between cyclists and pedestrians by making clear what footways are shared space.
I have written to the Transport Minister, Michael Matheson MSP suggesting this initiative.