Switch Onto Safer Roads

Highlands & islands Regional MSP and road safety campaigner, David Stewart has highlighted an issue which seems to be occurring just around sunset and also around sunrise with drivers using their vehicles in poor visibility and not displaying their lights.


David said ” I am becoming more and more aware of drivers driving their cars in the twilight without displaying dipped headlights.


” The message is simple, Switch Onto Safer Roads


“You don’t use your dipped headlights just to see where you are going, you need to light up to also be seen. Drivers should not rely on daytime driving lights on new cars as they are illuminated at the front of the vehicle only.There is no point in driving along with daytime running lights only displayed if following vehicles struggle to see you.  I agree that before or around dawn or similarly at dusk or thereabout’ s, drivers can see the road and where they are going, but the light conditions are such that they should be lighting up. Today for example the lighting up times for the Inverness area is 07.55 and 16.05. Stornoway is 08.08 and 16.10,Shetland 0758 and 15.38 and finally Oban 07.55 and 16.15.


” I am appealing to drivers to use their dipped headlights whilst driving in any form of poor visibility. We used to say ‘See and be Seen’ this still applies, as does ‘Switch Onto Safer Road’s. This is the time of year we need to get this message across if we want our roads to be safer.




Lighting up hours are defined as the period of time during which drivers should turn on dipped headlights in order to be seen. This period normally starts half an hour after sunset and ends half an hour before sunrise. However, you do not need to look up the lighting up times to know when to switch on your lights. If your visibility is not 100%clear  then switch them on!


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