MSP’s dismay as train station ticket machine continues to run the risk of overcharge passengers

David Stewart at the Nairn ticket machine.

SCOTRAIL is under the microscope once again over a ticket machine at Nairn Railway Station that prompts passengers to pay over the odds for train fares.

Weeks after the train firm promised new software had been installed to sort the problem, Labour MSP David Stewart has been contacted by a constituent complaining the same thing was happening again.

Mr Stewart’s own checks  initially at the machine have this week confirmed it is still failing to display the lowest available fares on its main display screen.

It continues to prompt off-peak passengers travelling on the 09.17 service from Nairn-Inverness to pay the higher peak-time travel fare of £9, instead of the £6.50 off peak-time fare.

Mr Stewart, who flagged up the problem for the first time in July, said it was unacceptable ScotRail had failed to fix the issue.

He said: “It’s galling to think that this is still happening and I am raising this with Scotland’s Transport Secretary Michael Matheson. I’m sure he will agree it’s totally unacceptable that this ticket machine has still not been fixed and may still be catching passengers out.”

He added: “I have also been back in touch with ScotRail who have, once again, apologised. They said they thought it had been fixed and they would look at it again. I’ve told them this has to be done urgently and they have said I can expect to hear back from them early next week. They have assured me that this glitch is only affecting the Nairn machine and no others but I am making further checks into this.”