NHS Highland bullying victims will have to seek legal help

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, David Stewart heard yesterday that victims of the NHS Highland bullying and harassment scandal will have to seek compensation through the legal system.
At the health board meeting in Inverness, HR director Fiona Hogg delivered a report on the progress of the Culture Fit for the Future programme.
But according to an NHS Highland release, it has been decided that the healing process “will not extend to matters of financial loss or compensation”.
Mr Stewart, who is also Labour’s Shadow Public Health Minister, said: “This is a huge blow for the many people who have contacted me with very distressing details about how they were treated by the health authority
“There are former employees who’ve lost or left their jobs and, in some cases, had their careers ruined and most, if not all, will be unable to go to an industrial tribunal due to a time-bar on cases, and will be unable to afford a civil case.
“In September, at the parliament’s health and sport committee, Interim Chair Professor Boyd Robertson told me that compensation was being considered, but he could not give a definitive answer about how it would be tackled. That gave people some hope which has now been taken away.
“Given its current financial troubles, I wonder whether the health authority asked the Scottish Government for extra money for compensation and were turned down. It would explain why the health authority was taking its time to make an announcement.
“I’ve lodged a Parliamentary Question asking the Scottish Government if NHS Highland asked it for more funding for compensation. 
I will also be requesting more detail about the health authority’s ‘healing’ process and the system people will have to use to raise their individual cases.”