Road safety campaigning MSP David Stewart’s demands for traffic speed survey on the A82 between Drumnadrochit and Lewiston have been met – but extra sensors are being requested on the danger spot

Road safety campaigning MSP David Stewart has welcomed traffic speed surveys on the A82 between Drumnadrochit and Lewiston.

The survey is getting underway and includes a number of sensors at key points.

It follows the regional Labour MSP’s calls for an investigation to determine whether the road meets the criteria for speed cameras.

The community is concerned cars and HGVs are speeding through the area, paying no heed to the 30mph signs.

Mr Stewart said: “This speed survey intervention will be welcome news for residents and I am pleased it is underway and that it includes an impressive number of sensors at nearly all the key points. 

“However, risks were flagged up by a constituent and by the Glen Urquhart Community Council that traffic coming over Borlum Bridge were not slowing down sufficiently ahead of the Lewiston cross roads.  

“And as I understand it, unfortunately, the various sensors in place will not pick this up. I have therefore today written to Transport Scotland’s chief executive Roy Brannen to ask if an additional sensor can be installed close to the Lewiston cross roads.”