Stewart keen to support plans to mark centenary of landmark UK Cabinet meeting in Inverness

AN MSP is keen to support civic leaders in plans to mark the centenary of a landmark meeting of the UK Cabinet in Inverness.

The 99th anniversary of the arrival of Prime Minister David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill, Stanley Baldwin and other ministers, in the Highland capital, passed by just a few weeks ago.

Labour Highlands & Islands MSP David Stewart has written to Highland Council’s chief executive Donna Manson for information about the preparations for the 100th anniversary next year.

The September 7 1921 summit at the Inverness Town House was momentous because it was the meeting where they agreed to negotiate with Sinn Féin.

This led to the Irish Free State, paving the way for the current United Kingdom.

Mr Stewart said: “The occasion was often shared with guests to the Town House during my eight years as a councillor. It was the first ever Cabinet meeting to be held outside London or Chequers and it happened in Inverness by chance. The PM was on holiday in Gairloch when British-Irish relations hit the rocks. He called the Cabinet to meet at the Town House. There is a plaque in the beautiful Town House chamber marking this day and I am very fond of it. I am really looking forward to joining the celebrations next year.”

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