Highlands and Islands MSP supports Scottish Cot Death Trust’s new guide

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, David Stewart, and his wife Linda, are supporting the launch of a new guide by Safe Sleep Scotland which is being released today.

Safe Sleep Scotland, run by the Scottish Cot Death Trust, has launched the resource for families, healthcare and childcare professionals, called Back to Basics, Back to Baby.

Mr Stewart is a trustee of the Scottish Cot Death Trust and he and Linda lost their youngest son, eight-month-old Liam, to cot death in 1991 and were supported by the trust.

As well as supporting families affected by Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI), the trust educates families about the risk factors for SUDI. The aim is to allow parents and carers across the UK to be fully informed so that they can make their own decisions to reduce the risks.

The resource comes with a bendable tube attached which replicates a baby’s airway. This allows parents and carers to appreciate how fragile baby’s airways are, which reinforces the importance of the Safe Sleep messages.

Mr Stewart said: “Losing a young baby is one of the greatest traumas that parents can ever face.

“The trust’s new guide will be a valuable resource for all would-be parents, parents, carers and professionals.

“The hard copy resource is supplemented by the Safe Sleep Scotland website and an easy to follow video which I am sure will be of benefit to all those who care for babies and young children.

“As many people as possible should be educated about safe sleeping in the hope that we can prevent many of these tragedies.”

More information on-line:https://scottishcotdeathtrust.org/launch/

  • If you would like to talk to the SCDT team about the support available please get in touch by visiting the website or calling on 0141 357 3946. For more information about Safe Sleep and reducing the risks of SUDI, please visit http://www.safesleepscotland.org or by following @cotdeathtrust on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.