David Stewart

North MSP bemused by speed restriction on A9 when no work is being undertaken

30 December 2016

Highlands & Islands Regional MSP and long standing road safety campaigner, David Stewart has questioned why the speed restriction at the  A9 roadworks between Daraddy and Kincraig have not been suspended over the festive period.
“ I understand that there is no work ongoing on the A9 between Dalraddy and Kincraig over the festive period, but the 40mph speed restriction is still in place,” he said.
“ I have no problem with the speed restriction generally  at this location, when workmen are on site and there is road work related activity as it is vital that the workforce are protected.

"That said, I did question at the outset of these works whether a 7.5km length of a speed restriction was the best option for managing safety at this location.
“ To have motorists travelling this distance at 40mph over a number of days when there is no work ongoing,or staff movements, seems ridiculous.

"Drivers are having to restrict their speed to under 40mph for the 7.5 km of roadworks and observe no work ongoing whilst they do so, which send out the wrong message.

"There does not appear to be any reason for the restriction to be in place over the protracted festive period.

"I have written to the Transport Minister on this issue today, not that it will do any good for this festive period, but in the hope that the Government and Transport Scotland will apply some foresight when looking at such matters as we go forward towards continued road works on the A9 in the months and years to come.”