David Stewart

Disappointment at no increase to powers of Scottish SPCA

31st. May 2017

Speaking after the Cabinet Secretary’s response in Portfolio Questions today, David Stewart MSP, Scottish Labour’s spokesperson for animal welfare said:

 “I am incredibly disappointed that the Scottish Government has chosen not to increase the powers of Scottish SPCA.

 “Recent research by Scotpulse showed that a staggering 87% of the Scottish public agree that the Scottish SPCA should be fully empowered to investigate all crimes involving wild animals.

 “Additionally, more people say they would report wildlife crime to the Scottish SPCA than to the police.

 “Given the appalling scale of persecution of our birds of prey at present, and the complexities of the justice system, the majority of wildlife crime is never prosecuted. Providing new powers to the Scottish SPCA to work alongside police is a no-brainer.

"Its time has come and I urge the Cabinet Secretary to think again.

 “At a time when wildlife crime is increasing, we must also be increasing the powers in our armoury.”