Graduated Licence

Highlands & Islands Regional MSP and Road Safety campaigner, David Stewart who has been actively engaged in pursuing the introduction of a form of graduated licence for nine years now, has written to the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Jesse Norman, at the Department of Transport, asking for an update on the proposed roll out of a pilot scheme in Northern Ireland.

David Stewart said ” Last Spring I wrote to the Secretary of State for Transport, the Rt Hon ,Chris Grayling, on this issue and I was advised by the Parliamentary Under Secretary for Sate, Jesse Norman, that the Department were working closely with Politicians in Northern Ireland on the roll out a pilot form of graduated licence. This proposal was to happen during 2019 and 2020.

” I am keen to learn how this proposal is progressing, as I have a fear that with no Government sitting in Northern Ireland, this will be an issue that will get kicked into and lost in the long grass.

David continued ” for over nine years I have been pursuing this issue through both Governments and I feel so strongly that if introduced it would without doubt save lives, that I am not going to let the matter drop.

“I have presented enough evidence from experts and qualified people over the years that frankly it should be a no brainer. I look forward to learning how plans for this pilot are progressing.