David Stewart

Labour’s Animal Welfare Plan

17 April 2017

Pets are our closest companions and, for some, all the family they have.

We want to make sure that they can rely on the respect and treatment they deserve for the huge role they play in our lives.

We will do this by:

•             Working to bring an end to the cruelty of puppy farming.

•             Working to end the painful practice of aversive training aids for dogs like shock collars.

•             Listening to the concerns of advocates for working dogs who are under threat of tail docking after the Scottish Government lifted the total ban.

•             Ensuring that the sale of exotic animals is properly regulated.

•             Pushing the Scottish Government for a comprehensive review of pet legislation in the Scottish Parliament.

We share Scotland with a huge variety of animals.

As a Parliament, it is vital we take steps to ensure their home is safe and free from cruelty and abuse, just as much as it is for us.

We must do this, not in fits and starts, or when it suits us to make political statements to win votes, but as a measured, comprehensive, and well thought out plan to improve their lives.

To do that for wildlife, we will:

•             Consider how to strengthen the fox hunting legislation as a result of the findings from the Lord Bonomy Report.

•             Work with charities to bring illegal culls of wild animals to an end.

•             Take action to ensure perpetrators of wildlife crime are prosecuted fully under the law.

•             Work towards bringing into effect game bird licencing in line with the principles of the petition currently before the Scottish Parliament.

•             Consider our stance on rewilding, on a species by species basis.