Remembrance Day

Highlands & Islands Regional MSP, David Stewart, earlier this year lodged a motion in the Scottish Parliament, recognising the dedication and commitment of the team at the Black Isle Bronze Foundry, Nairn, on completion of their crafting of the bronze horse ‘Poppy’ which is now a memorial to all the horses, mules and donkeys killed in WW1.

At that time David said, “This horse is the first national memorial to the millions of horses, mules and donkeys from across the Commonwealth killed in WW1. It is testament to the endeavour and work of those involved at the Black Isle Foundry in Nairn, that the construction and sculpting of this life sized model was awarded to them by the War Horse Memorial organisation.

“The finished sculpture is situated in Berkshire, at Royal Ascot.

David concluded “ This year as we approach Remembrance Day and as a link to the crafting of the bronze war horse ‘Poppy’ by the team at the Black Isle Foundry, Nairn, I would just like to remind people that purple poppies can be worn to remember all the animals also killed as a result of conflict particularly in WW1. Not a lot of people will be aware that almost 8 million horses, donkey’s and mules were killed in action during this war and 750,000 dogs were killed in one week in the UK alone during WW2 as the Government decreed that there was not enough food with rationing to be able to feed them.

“ We are approaching the time of year when we all reflect and remember the sacrifices of so many during conflict by wearing red poppies. Purple poppies can legitimately be worn alongside red poppies if people so wish, to also remember the animals lost during these conflicts, a point I just highlight linking in to the work of the Black Isle Foundry in Nairn in their sculpting on ‘Poppy’ the war horse.